Mom Guilt

This week has been quite emotional for me to say the least. I’ve been having quite a bit of mom-guilt lately, as well as just experiencing an overload of emotions with everything happening in the news in general.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost someone they loved in the senseless act of violence that took place in Florida recently.

E.K. is quickly approaching 19 months of age and I’m still in amazement of how fast time flies by when you are raising a little human. He recently started telling his caregiver when he’s “poo-poo’d” in his diaper {insert excited but extremely sad face that I wasn’t the first one to hear it}. When his caregiver told me via text, I was in the middle of preparing for a meeting and I was super proud to hear that my son was expanding his verbiage and reaching a new milestone. Immediately after I yelled in excitement, I was hit with this weird emotion of feeling guilty for dropping my son off at “childcare” while I worked a 9 hour workday (from home) while missing my baby.

While the hubby was getting dressed for work, I mentioned this overwhelming feeling I was experiencing about this new milestone that I had missed our son do for the first time. His reaction? “Sorry hun that we aren’t millionaires”, while he kissed my forehead before he left for work. That placed me in a much more of a foul mood — I was already in a pissy mood. Who needs to be a millionaire to be a stay at home/full time mom? But I digress; this too shall pass.

Earlier this week…

We went to go see the Black Panther movie on Sunday. It was GREAT! We want to go see it a couple more times (yes, it was THAT good). Plus, you always catch things you didn’t catch the first time when you rewatch a film.

Before the movie, we went to grab a quick bite at Lucky Strike. The bartender made me a Pear Champagne beverage that was on-point! Yum!


[Monday] I decided to try to take some “me time”. I went to run errands to grab some light groceries and later went to window shop at Homegoods and Target.


Until Next Time…



There have been many changes since the new year. Let’s start with the fact that the husband and I decided to transition E.K. from his crib to a toddler bed.


E.K. is 17 months old and would be considered “too young” for a toddler bed by many judgmental moms and self proclaimed expert standards, lol. There were some key factors that encouraged us to make this change:

  1. E.K. has NEVER slept well in his crib. We didn’t let E.K. sleep with us as a infant (he slept in a bassinet/co-sleeper next to our bed until he was approx. 2.5 months old, then we transitioned him to his crib in his own room). We even bought him a new mattress assuming the original one wasn’t comfy enough for him.
  2. He does excellent napping on a cot at daycare. So much so that he walks right up to his cot during nap time and puts himself to sleep for 2.5 to 3 hrs. {Who the hell is this child and why doesn’t he do this for us at home}!
  3. He’s wild sleeper and would bang himself against his crib constantly, causing his limbs to get caught between the bars on the crib and on occasion waking himself up.

This was not an easy transition for us (read: me). E.K. loved his new found freedom of being able to crawl out of his bed at his leisure and come to us if he wants too. The first night went “okay”. He fell out of the bed at least 2 times — luckily I padded the floor with stuffed animals and pillows. The second night was a nightmare. I almost had the husband put the crib back together again, lol. E.K. woke up every hour it felt like and kept screaming for us to come rock him back to sleep. Aye yi yi.

We have now gotten into this routine where E.K. will fall asleep via the rocking chair in our lap or when he’s super heavy eyed and we sit next to him as he dozes off in his bed. He will typically wake up about midnight for something to drink (usually milk) and then go back to sleep. Around 3am we have learned to expect to hear little feet running across the floor and into our room. E.K. then climbs into our bed and cuddles up to his dad or myself to go back to sleep. As sweet as it is… I NEED MY REST! I’m hoping it’s just a phase and he will soon sleep through the night. Have I mentioned my child hasn’t slept through the night since he was born??? Pray for me.

In other news, I’ve been a busy mama. When the opportunity presented itself I enjoyed a brunch or two, happy hour, grocery shopping, and just binge watching YouTube vlogs.



Until next time…

Happy New Year | 2018

Where does the time go? It’s already 2018! I don’t believe in making “resolutions”, but I do attempt to set some goals at the beginning of each year to achieve:

  1. Tithe regularly. I struggle with this… a lot. So this year I plan to do much better tithing the full 10%.
  2. Pay down debt by at least 40%. We are on the Dave Ramsey kick, so we are slowly knocking each debt out.
  3. Travel at least twice this year on affordable and quick getaways.
  4. Start my own business in addition to my full time job.
  5. Live | Laugh | and do whatever makes me happy!


We spent NYE at home. In the past (pre-child), we would be at church bringing in the new year and then head over to a house party with friends; however, taking E.K. out in single digit weather late in the evening into the next day isn’t my idea of “fun”.

In fact, I was sleep by 11:15pm to be honest. I did manage to get my sip on earlier in the evening after laying E.K. down for bed. The husband sat in the kitchen watching tv and I laid in our bed sipping champagne and watching CNN until I could barely stand to keep my eyes open. At midnight, I vaguely remember the husband coming into the room to give me a forehead kiss and wish my Happy New Year (how sweet) and then back to dreamland I went.

No new year new me crap. Just the same KC making a conscious effort to be a better woman, wife, mother, and friend.

Happy New Year!

How did you bring in the New Year?

Weekend Recap

I woke up Saturday morning to my smiling son at approx. 4:45AM. It was at that moment that I made a spontaneous decision to drive 3 hrs to my sister’s home in southern VA with E.K. to visit and spend time with my nieces.

E.K. and I left at approx. 7:30AM and traveled the country back roads to southern VA. E.K. doesn’t do very well in a car seat for extended periods of time, so I was truly taking a risk driving as it could have ended up a screaming session the entire way. However, the good Lord smiled on us and E.K. slept the majority of the road trip. There was no screaming on his part.

My sister and I decided to pack up the kids and head over to a children’s museum. It was my first time ever going to one. It was conveniently located at a outdoor shopping mall. The kids had a absolute blast! So much so that we had to try to keep them awake afterwards just so that we could get them to go to bed on time later in the evening (I was selfishly keeping E.K. up as long as possible so that he’d sleep on the drive home).


After we left the museum, we took the kids for pizza while us tired mamas had champagne with our pizza. E.K. and I got on the road a little after 7:30PM to head back North. Our plan of wearing the children out worked out well because E.K. slept the entire way home.


I opted to send E.K. to church with his father this morning while I slept in a bit. I know, I know, I’m a heathen at times. Eventually, I rolled out of bed to shower and make my way to a crowded WholeFoods to get some much needed items for the week.

Now here I sit, sipping on my mommy-happy-juice (as I call it) and typing out this blog entry. I plan to relax as much as possible today in preparation of what will be a quite hectic work week. The hubs is in his zone watching football while E.K. naps. I’d say this has turned into one AWESOME weekend.



Until next Time!




Wine Down | Ramblings

The workday felt so long today. It seemed as though everyone needed something or wanted to complain about something. Most would think that the fact that I work from home full-time, I wouldn’t have to deal with some of the idiocies most people deal with in an office environment. That would be a false assumption. After professionally telling the VP where he could go and how to get there via email, I signed offline and headed to get E.K. from daycare.

I missed him. He’s growing so fast before my eyes and since I haven’t figured out a way to slow time down, I make every effort to enjoy every second of this little boy’s progress and development. E.K. is going through the terrible 1’s (if that’s even a thing). This kid goes from 1 to 1000 in seconds. I’m going to blame it on the fact that his molars are attempting to come in; but I’m convinced my child is borderline psychotic (in the cutest way possible).

E.K. is finally down to bed and I’m sipping on one of the best cabernet’s ever. I’m thinking E.K. and I will go visit family this weekend and just enjoy the weather that we are experiencing currently. With everything going on in the south with hurricane Irma, I’m extremely grateful for the nice weather we are having right now. I pray everyone in Irma’s path are safe.

Until next time…



Mommy’s Wine of the Weekend


Happy Saturday!

I really love weekends. It’s the two days out of a long week that I can allow myself to indulge in some light sipping and relaxation between nursing a soon to be 6 month old and keeping some level of order in our home.

My favorite red wine as of recently is now Apothic Crush. I stumbled upon this yumminess at my local wine store and decided to give it a try since it was on sale for a nice $9.99 (normally retails in my area for $12.99). It has flavor notes of red fruits, caramel, and chocolate.

I made the husband and I some chicken salads this evening with naan bread for dinner. This wine was the perfect compliment to my meal. The husband prefers liquor, so I concocted a Effen Raspberry vodka beverage for him.

In other news…

We got E.K. down for bed at approximately 8:30pm. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he stays sleep for 6-8 hours straight tonight. I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages after 3pm everyday and that seems to help with him staying asleep for 4+ hours at a time through the night now. We still plan to “sleep train” him; however, with his teething seeming to be getting worse lately, I’ve been reluctant to stick with it.

E.K. wakes up on average 2-4 times throughout the night hours to nurse/soothe back to sleep. I am definitely looking forward to weaning him soon (he has two bottom teeth now). Luckily, his dad participates in the night shift to help me with the struggle of waking up and going into the nursery to get E.K. back to sleep.

It’s hard to believe my baby will be 6 months old tomorrow. Where does the time go? I felt myself getting slightly emotional about how fast he seems to be growing up and progressing. This little human being that I love more than life itself will be a 1/2 year old. Just wow! God is so good.

Until next time…