Mom Guilt

This week has been quite emotional for me to say the least. I’ve been having quite a bit of mom-guilt lately, as well as just experiencing an overload of emotions with everything happening in the news in general.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost someone they loved in the senseless act of violence that took place in Florida recently.

E.K. is quickly approaching 19 months of age and I’m still in amazement of how fast time flies by when you are raising a little human. He recently started telling his caregiver when he’s “poo-poo’d” in his diaper {insert excited but extremely sad face that I wasn’t the first one to hear it}. When his caregiver told me via text, I was in the middle of preparing for a meeting and I was super proud to hear that my son was expanding his verbiage and reaching a new milestone. Immediately after I yelled in excitement, I was hit with this weird emotion of feeling guilty for dropping my son off at “childcare” while I worked a 9 hour workday (from home) while missing my baby.

While the hubby was getting dressed for work, I mentioned this overwhelming feeling I was experiencing about this new milestone that I had missed our son do for the first time. His reaction? “Sorry hun that we aren’t millionaires”, while he kissed my forehead before he left for work. That placed me in a much more of a foul mood — I was already in a pissy mood. Who needs to be a millionaire to be a stay at home/full time mom? But I digress; this too shall pass.

Earlier this week…

We went to go see the Black Panther movie on Sunday. It was GREAT! We want to go see it a couple more times (yes, it was THAT good). Plus, you always catch things you didn’t catch the first time when you rewatch a film.

Before the movie, we went to grab a quick bite at Lucky Strike. The bartender made me a Pear Champagne beverage that was on-point! Yum!


[Monday] I decided to try to take some “me time”. I went to run errands to grab some light groceries and later went to window shop at Homegoods and Target.


Until Next Time…


Small WholeFoods Haul

I have been very serious since E.K. was born about only cooking/serving real food (read: organic). WholeFoods is so expensive, but I adore their fresh fruits, veggies, and speciality items you rarely find in other markets.

E.K. had his 18 month wellness visit with his Pediatrician today. Since WholeFoods is located down the street from the doctor’s office, I decided to make a pit stop on our way home from the appt. Needless to say… what was supposed to be a quick in and out for some milk turned into a almost $75 purchase.

So what did I get for just under $75?


Let’s just say that I didn’t get a lot, lol! But everything I purchased we will eat up over the weekend. It’s almost as if I need a part time job just to support my WholeFoods addiction. I don’t make a habit of shopping there often, but I do try to get in there at least once per month. I typically shop at our local Wegmans market and Trader Joes; however, WholeFoods is my guilty pleasure when I want to feel high class sidity and get great tasting overpriced fruits and organic goodies.

Side Note: It's flu season. WholeFoods sells the absolute BEST fresh squeezed OJ ever!!! Do you and your family a favor and grab some.    You're welcome!

I’m going to attempt to meal plan this weekend and stick to the menu. I am a planning freak, but never really got into the meal planning habit. Since we began our debt free journey, I decided that meal planning could be beneficial in helping us not overspend on eating out and so forth. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing what I make for the family throughout the work week.

Until next time wonderful people…

And so it begins…

… the need to start setting goals for the upcoming new year.

… the need to rework my budget for January.

… the need to figure out my next career move.

… the need to update this blog more frequently as my outlet.

… the need to stop allowing my anxiety to creep in every chance it gets.

… the need to live in the moment while embracing the new challenges causing me to grow as a woman, wife, and mother.

Christmas was different this year. It wasn’t different in a bad way, just different. This was E.K.’s second Christmas (it’s hard to believe he’s 16 almost 17 months old now) and he seemed to enjoy his actual gifts and not just the wrapping paper, lol. We spent Christmas Eve listening to Holiday music, dancing in our PJs, baking cookies (a lot later than anticipated), and drinking hot cocoa. Actually, E.K. went to bed earlier than expected, so he missed the baking of the cookies and hot cocoa part. The husband and I decided to open our gifts on Christmas Eve and saved E.K.’s gifts for Christmas morning.

On Christmas morning, we went downstairs to help E.K. open his gifts at approximately 7:30am. Afterwards, I made us all breakfast: Grits, Pancakes and Hot Sausage. We hung out as a family watching E.K. play with many of his new toys. The poor kid was in sensory overload the entire day. When he seemed to be over the toy play, we retired to our master bedroom upstairs where the husband and I watched movies as E.K. watched Sesame Street on his iPad. We ended up at my in-laws home for Christmas dinner and gift opening part II later in the day.

Overall, I think I was just homesick and missing some of my side of the family. It’s my goal to always make sure I create new traditions with my own family while creating awesome memories for E.K.

The Day After Christmas.

E.K. and I went to the mall at 9am. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?! Granted, when we first arrived it wasn’t too bad. I was able to get what I needed exchanged and grab some starbucks before trying to b-line it out of there. As we were making our way out of the mall, the crowds had intensely magnified in size. I don’t know how people do the day after Christmas shopping thing. You have to have a special kind of patience for it that I clearly do not possess, lol. To each his or her own.

Here are some random images captured during our Holiday weekend (12/22-12/26):


Yummy chicken and waffles breakfast @ Miss Shirley’s




Where Santa resided during mall hours


Busy Starbuck’s on the day after Christmas

Happy Holidays Folks!

November Vibes

Where has the year gone? I feel like I say this every year around this time. E.K. and I just got home from the mall (our weekend routine) and he’s finally napping peacefully in his crib. I decided to use this time wisely and update my blog.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the stores have already begun putting out all of their Christmas offerings. I felt a strong urge to spend spend spend…but the way my new budget is set up, that wasn’t a option for me today *insert very sad face here*. We are trying to be better with our finances overall and eliminate our debt. This year I will have to be okay with reusing my previous year’s Christmas decorations and not adding to them. Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE holiday and time of year. I always want to go over and beyond with the decorations and gifts. Le’ sigh.

This adulting mess is overrated.

On the way home from our ‘window shopping’, there was at least 5 fire trucks and multiple other emergency vehicles on the other side of the highway. Instantly my heart sank. I’m hoping whoever was involved in what appeared at a quick glance to be a horrible car accident is okay. Traffic is backed up for miles and miles….


It was also at that moment I had a overwhelming feeling of gratitude. Not just gratitude about not being stuck in that awful traffic, but also being Blessed to not had been one of the people involved in that car crash. We get so caught up in being none content with how things aren’t going exactly the way that we want them too and forget just how Blessed we are to be where we are at in this moment. Embrace it.

It’s November… a month to be mindful of Thanksgiving and to give back as much as possible. Blessings are in the blessings we do for others.

Until next time…

Weekend Recap

I woke up Saturday morning to my smiling son at approx. 4:45AM. It was at that moment that I made a spontaneous decision to drive 3 hrs to my sister’s home in southern VA with E.K. to visit and spend time with my nieces.

E.K. and I left at approx. 7:30AM and traveled the country back roads to southern VA. E.K. doesn’t do very well in a car seat for extended periods of time, so I was truly taking a risk driving as it could have ended up a screaming session the entire way. However, the good Lord smiled on us and E.K. slept the majority of the road trip. There was no screaming on his part.

My sister and I decided to pack up the kids and head over to a children’s museum. It was my first time ever going to one. It was conveniently located at a outdoor shopping mall. The kids had a absolute blast! So much so that we had to try to keep them awake afterwards just so that we could get them to go to bed on time later in the evening (I was selfishly keeping E.K. up as long as possible so that he’d sleep on the drive home).


After we left the museum, we took the kids for pizza while us tired mamas had champagne with our pizza. E.K. and I got on the road a little after 7:30PM to head back North. Our plan of wearing the children out worked out well because E.K. slept the entire way home.


I opted to send E.K. to church with his father this morning while I slept in a bit. I know, I know, I’m a heathen at times. Eventually, I rolled out of bed to shower and make my way to a crowded WholeFoods to get some much needed items for the week.

Now here I sit, sipping on my mommy-happy-juice (as I call it) and typing out this blog entry. I plan to relax as much as possible today in preparation of what will be a quite hectic work week. The hubs is in his zone watching football while E.K. naps. I’d say this has turned into one AWESOME weekend.



Until next Time!