Ear Tubes and Zoo Shenanigans

Ear Tubes?

As a mother, the last thing we want to see is our children suffer. E.K. has suffered from repetitive ear infections in both ears ever since his 3rd month of life. After his 8th ear infection in the course of a year and a half, we decided it was time to go forward with having him have surgery to place ear tubes into his ears. Le sigh.

Thursday was his surgery day. We arrived the the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgery center at 6:45am. E.K. had a 7:00am appointment. He arrived in happy spirits because he had no idea what was about to happen. My husband was allowed to accompany E.K. to the Operating Room so that he could be with him as they put him sleep via a mask (they don’t do IV’s in children under 8 yrs old at this center unless absolutely necessary). They then escorted my husband to wait with me in the waiting room until it was time go greet E.K. in the recovery room.

About 20 min later, we were escorted to the recovery room where E.K. was being held and rocked by a awesome nurse. He was still trying to wake up. We were warned when we arrived that the toddlers tend to wake up quite angry from the anesthesia because of their head “feeling so cloudy”. Initially, E.K. seemed to be waking up fairly calm and I attempted to give him some milk (since he hadn’t ate since the previous evening). He took about 4 good sips before the anger started to kick in.

E.K. has that pterodactyl scream down to a science… and let me tell you this child of mine that I love dearly can tear some ear drums apart with that scream. To make a long story semi short, E.K. screamed that awesomely loud and high pitch scream the entire ride home from the surgery center and the next couple of hours after we got home. Nothing we did seemed to soothe him. The nurse gave him a tylenol suppository during surgery, so we were only permitted to administer Motrin to him if it seemed he really needed it. By hour 3 of this screaming session, I gave my baby some Motrin. About 20 min later, he was sleeping on my chest and we both took a much needed 2.5 hr nap! When we woke up from our nap, he was back to being my happy rambunctious toddler again.

I pray that E.K. will never require surgery again.

Zoo Life

On Saturday, I decided to pack my little guy up and we took a road trip to southern VA to visit my sister and nieces. We took the kids to the local zoo and had a great time. The weather was perfect at a whopping 84 degrees! I even got to hand feed a giraffe!!! That was super gross and super exciting all at the same time. I’m pretty sure I sanitized my hands at least 6 times afterwards, lol.

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We opted to not allow our toddler to feed the animals. I’m not sure we were ready for that just yet, and they are super quick to put their hands directly in their own mouths. So I was the only one in our group who chose to take part in that activity.

Have you participated in some sort of petting zoo with your kids? When is a good age to allow your kids to participate in a petting zoo?

Until next time beautiful people…


Toddler Tantrums | My Sanity Tactic

I used to be cool and do things. Now all I do is argue with a miniature version of myself about eating his vegetables.


E.K. has learned that if he screams loud enough and even falls out on the floor with a arch in his back that his dad will give in to him most of the time. Not his mama! I’m beginning to master the walk the phuck off and act like I have no idea who’s child you are and what psychiatric ward you came from move. This has kept my sanity in many cases [read: SOME cases]. Of course, I can’t just walk away from my child when out in public… as he’s only 1.5 years old. But best believe I will leave this little monster of mine (that I love dearly) in a heartbeat laying on the floor during one of his ultimate meltdowns while I finish washing the dishes.

The tantrum phase is one that mostly all toddlers go through. They are testing boundaries and what we as their parents allow during these fiery moments teaches them  what they can get away with in general if they act the ultimate fool.

Parenting Quotefranklin P. Jones - Parents And Kids

I made the mistake a while back of letting E.K. watch sesame street on the iPad. He now feels he can have the iPad at any time to watch Elmo and other toddler appropriate videos. I’m trying to limit his exposure to television and iPad usage in general to encourage more reading and playing.

I took his iPad away the other day to take him downstairs and let him run around while I started dinner. E.K. decided he didn’t want that and started screaming at the top of his lungs. He laid out face-down on the floor and actually started kicking the floor. In this moment, I learned the gift of pause. It’s when you take a brief moment of mental silence, then count to 10 and decompress before reacting to something. I didn’t acknowledge the tantrum; I just walked away quietly and started singing the ABC song. After 5 minutes of this loud tantrum…extremely loud… did I mention loud? E.K. got up and walked over to me lifting his arms and said “Up”!

I picked him up and he gave me the biggest kiss and hug ever! Although I’m not sure he understood every word, I explained that tantrums are not acceptable and that he will need to start using his words to express himself. The toddler phase won’t last long although it feels like it will since we are going through it now. I’m trying to embrace it all because 5 years from now I’m going to miss all these wild moments that give me more than enough content to blog a life time about.

I encourage all you parents of toddlers to adopt the gift of pause (if you haven’t already). Also, keep a great wine stash on hand for those moments that the gift of pause doesn’t do sh*t for you!

Thank me later!


There have been many changes since the new year. Let’s start with the fact that the husband and I decided to transition E.K. from his crib to a toddler bed.


E.K. is 17 months old and would be considered “too young” for a toddler bed by many judgmental moms and self proclaimed expert standards, lol. There were some key factors that encouraged us to make this change:

  1. E.K. has NEVER slept well in his crib. We didn’t let E.K. sleep with us as a infant (he slept in a bassinet/co-sleeper next to our bed until he was approx. 2.5 months old, then we transitioned him to his crib in his own room). We even bought him a new mattress assuming the original one wasn’t comfy enough for him.
  2. He does excellent napping on a cot at daycare. So much so that he walks right up to his cot during nap time and puts himself to sleep for 2.5 to 3 hrs. {Who the hell is this child and why doesn’t he do this for us at home}!
  3. He’s wild sleeper and would bang himself against his crib constantly, causing his limbs to get caught between the bars on the crib and on occasion waking himself up.

This was not an easy transition for us (read: me). E.K. loved his new found freedom of being able to crawl out of his bed at his leisure and come to us if he wants too. The first night went “okay”. He fell out of the bed at least 2 times — luckily I padded the floor with stuffed animals and pillows. The second night was a nightmare. I almost had the husband put the crib back together again, lol. E.K. woke up every hour it felt like and kept screaming for us to come rock him back to sleep. Aye yi yi.

We have now gotten into this routine where E.K. will fall asleep via the rocking chair in our lap or when he’s super heavy eyed and we sit next to him as he dozes off in his bed. He will typically wake up about midnight for something to drink (usually milk) and then go back to sleep. Around 3am we have learned to expect to hear little feet running across the floor and into our room. E.K. then climbs into our bed and cuddles up to his dad or myself to go back to sleep. As sweet as it is… I NEED MY REST! I’m hoping it’s just a phase and he will soon sleep through the night. Have I mentioned my child hasn’t slept through the night since he was born??? Pray for me.

In other news, I’ve been a busy mama. When the opportunity presented itself I enjoyed a brunch or two, happy hour, grocery shopping, and just binge watching YouTube vlogs.



Until next time…

Terrible 1’s?

I have heard the phrase “Terrible 2’s will have you going crazy”, but what about the terrible 1’s???? It’s almost as if my son has decided to challenge EVERYTHING we say, do, or have tried to teach him. He has recently began the tantrum thing…. smh… and when we are out in public and he decides to lose his baby brain, I try to ignore it to not bring any attention to his behavior. This is what his Pediatrician recommended since he’s testing us to see what he can get away with in general.

Clearly, the ignoring him when he’s screaming at the top of his lungs and arching his back doesn’t work. So now what? He’s still too young at 15 months old to understand what a light smack on the hand means and even though we sternly say “NO”, he laughs at us. This is pretty disrespectful at this point, lol. So forget what you heard about the terrible 2’s…. you newbies better prepare yourself for the terrible 1’s!

In other news…

We are still (yes STILL) trying to sleep train. It has been difficult because every time we get into the groove of it, E.K. gets sick and we do not sleep train when he’s under the weather. Now that he is healthy again, we are back in the routine of trying to sleep train again. It hasn’t been going well — to say the least. I HATE hearing my little guy scream for an extended period of time and part of the issue we are having is that we allowed E.K. to use milk as a soother. Therefore he wakes up 2-3 times throughout the night looking for milk and cuddles. Le’sigh. His pediatrician told us to eliminate giving him milk before bed and throughout the night. While that seems logical, our son turns into a gremlin when he’s pissed and wants what he wants. Needless to say, if the child wants milk at 2am, that’s what he’s getting from his half-sleep parents. I have however eliminated the bedtime milk sippy cup. So E.K. now goes to bed without drinking 8oz of whole milk (small successes will lead to larger ones I hope).

One day the husband and I will get to sleep for 7-8 straight hours again… it just won’t be right now.

Until next time…



Weekend Recap

I woke up Saturday morning to my smiling son at approx. 4:45AM. It was at that moment that I made a spontaneous decision to drive 3 hrs to my sister’s home in southern VA with E.K. to visit and spend time with my nieces.

E.K. and I left at approx. 7:30AM and traveled the country back roads to southern VA. E.K. doesn’t do very well in a car seat for extended periods of time, so I was truly taking a risk driving as it could have ended up a screaming session the entire way. However, the good Lord smiled on us and E.K. slept the majority of the road trip. There was no screaming on his part.

My sister and I decided to pack up the kids and head over to a children’s museum. It was my first time ever going to one. It was conveniently located at a outdoor shopping mall. The kids had a absolute blast! So much so that we had to try to keep them awake afterwards just so that we could get them to go to bed on time later in the evening (I was selfishly keeping E.K. up as long as possible so that he’d sleep on the drive home).


After we left the museum, we took the kids for pizza while us tired mamas had champagne with our pizza. E.K. and I got on the road a little after 7:30PM to head back North. Our plan of wearing the children out worked out well because E.K. slept the entire way home.


I opted to send E.K. to church with his father this morning while I slept in a bit. I know, I know, I’m a heathen at times. Eventually, I rolled out of bed to shower and make my way to a crowded WholeFoods to get some much needed items for the week.

Now here I sit, sipping on my mommy-happy-juice (as I call it) and typing out this blog entry. I plan to relax as much as possible today in preparation of what will be a quite hectic work week. The hubs is in his zone watching football while E.K. naps. I’d say this has turned into one AWESOME weekend.



Until next Time!




Wine Down | Ramblings

The workday felt so long today. It seemed as though everyone needed something or wanted to complain about something. Most would think that the fact that I work from home full-time, I wouldn’t have to deal with some of the idiocies most people deal with in an office environment. That would be a false assumption. After professionally telling the VP where he could go and how to get there via email, I signed offline and headed to get E.K. from daycare.

I missed him. He’s growing so fast before my eyes and since I haven’t figured out a way to slow time down, I make every effort to enjoy every second of this little boy’s progress and development. E.K. is going through the terrible 1’s (if that’s even a thing). This kid goes from 1 to 1000 in seconds. I’m going to blame it on the fact that his molars are attempting to come in; but I’m convinced my child is borderline psychotic (in the cutest way possible).

E.K. is finally down to bed and I’m sipping on one of the best cabernet’s ever. I’m thinking E.K. and I will go visit family this weekend and just enjoy the weather that we are experiencing currently. With everything going on in the south with hurricane Irma, I’m extremely grateful for the nice weather we are having right now. I pray everyone in Irma’s path are safe.

Until next time…



Is it Ever O.K. to Yell at a Stranger’s Child?


It has been a interesting day. I sold a handbag of mine on Poshmark and went to the USPS to drop it off and get a receipt this morning. While in line, there was a young woman in front of me who was there with her two (2) sons. Her sons appeared to be approx. 4 years old and the other maybe 7 years old. As we patiently waited for our turn in line, her youngest son started playing with the velvet rope that helps people know where to line up to be called for their turn at the counter. Mind you, there were only about 5 of us in the post office. The young child wasn’t bothering anyone, but he was super fascinated with unhooking and hooking the rope back up. His mother asked him numerous times to stop, but as most young children… he kept going.

I guess the USPS clerk was bothered. The clerk raised her voice (read: Yelled) from the counter with another customer in front of her… “Hey, do NOT play with that!” It caught me off guard and I think the mom of these boys were taken back as well. I mean… how DARE YOU yell at someone else’s child and the parent is standing right there??? The mother instructed her boys to go wait for her in the ‘lobby’ where the PO boxes are located. I was too outdone and downright bothered.

The customer that was at the clerk’s counter left, so the young woman in front of me walked up to the counter as she was next in line. The rude, obnoxious, and clearly bothered clerk held her hand up and said sternly “I didn’t call you yet. I’m not ready for you so you can go stand back in line!” and proceeded to walk into the back. Again, I was too outdone with the behavior. I looked at the young woman as she walked back and I said “She’s phucking rude! If she hates her job that much, maybe she should find another”. The young woman shook her head in agreement with me and explained to me how she was just trying to hurry up and get out of there because she knew her boys were hungry and getting tired.

The clerk returns and tells the young woman “Ok, now you can come on”. At that moment I started snap chatting because this was absolutely crazy. When I was done with dropping off my package, I walked by the young woman and her boys and I told her that I was so sorry she had to experience that. I also made it a point to tell her that I didn’t think she should allow ANYONE to yell at her children in front of her like that especially since they weren’t harming anyone.

This entire situation bothered me. I’m a mom. Granted, the boys were not on their best behavior but that is the parent(s) responsibility to check it as she was standing right there next to her boys. All I could think about was if she had yelled at my child. It pissed me off thinking about it. Had I been that young woman, I would have requested the supervisor and filed a formal complaint on this clerk’s lack of professionalism in general.  In all honesty, I also would have likely cursed that clerk from here to hell about yelling at my child versus addressing me directly as his mother. I come from a long line of hot tempered and strong women…. try me not as it relates to my cub.

Is it ever okay for a stranger to yell at someone’s child? What are your thoughts?

Unless you are family or friend, you had better not EVER yell at my child (especially with me standing right there). Adults should address adults unless the child is in immanent danger and the parent cannot help.

Until next time…


Super-momming Ain’t Easy

Being a wife has its challenges at times… then you throw being a new mom into the mix and life can get all kinds of convoluted. I’ve been married since 2014 and a mom since 2016. In this short time I have realized that I am a super woman in multiple ways.

This blog entry would be over 100,000 words in length if I listed everything that I do; therefore, I will spare you. I will just say that I am one bad @ss mother who gets ish done! *pats self on back*

I asked my wonderful (being super sarcastic at the moment) husband to go to the health department and pick up a certified copy of E.K.’s birth certificate. We need this document to take E.K. on the plane since we are traveling this week. Typically, Tuesdays are the husband’s day of the week to take E.K. to daycare, but I took him instead with the expectation that my dear husband would make the run to the health dept. to get what we need. Instead, I come home to dear husband at the gym.

At. The. Damn. Gym.

It really must be nice to keep with certain routines and traditions you had before having a child. Maybe one day I will get to know what it’s like to keep my pre-baby routines and still enjoy the fact that I can come home and my baby be well taken care of and waiting on me. #momlife

Needless to say, I guess I will be running to the Dept. of Health to pick it up myself at some point today when I take my lunch break. It’s so annoying being the “get everything done in record timing” one in the marriage. I work full-time just like my husband does, but I also take on ALL the functions of a stay at home mom. I pack the bottles, the food, the clothing, do the grocery shopping, run the errands, etc. etc. etc. etc…. and my husband… well, he goes to the damn gym! Ugh! Love his punk @ss though. LOL.

Super-momming ain’t easy.

Lord, give me the strength and resistance to not throw a skillet at this man that I love so dearly’s head.


JuJuBe is addictive…

I ordered the Jujube BRB in the queen of the nile print when I was 6 months pregnant. It was my first jujube purchase and I had already purchased a skip hop bag but wanted a backpack style diaper bag that was a bit more versatile. After doing some major research, I opted to go with a jujube purchase. Ever since… I. Am. Addicted.

It’s actually kind of ridiculous. I am the proud owner of the following jujube products:

  • 1 Jujube BRB – queen of the nile print
  • 1 Jujube BFF – the countess print
  • 1 Jujube Fuel Cell – the monarch
  • 2 Jujube BeQuicks – 1 is in the black-out print and the other is in queen of the nile

and as of today, I have also added the jujube minibe in the black out print to my collection of insanity.

JuJuBe Diaper Bags.jpg

The minibe is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture. I placed it fresh out of the plastic wrapping next to my BFF to try to show the size difference, #fail. I will post a “what’s in my diaper bag” blog soon and will have better images posted in that post.

I plan to use minibe for my quick trips to the store when I don’t need the main bag but need to carry just enough to have on hand if needed. It will also be a great bag to use when I take my walks with E.K. in his stroller.

I’ve come to accept that I have a major addiction to quality bags and shoes. Judge yourself! Anyhow, this bag is great. I love that all jujube bags are machine washable and can be used after baby has long outgrown the need of a diaper bag.

…until next time.

Sleep Training, Night One

E.K. is 8.5 months old. He is a feisty but loving 8.5 month old who wants what he wants when he wants it. Lately, that want has been me coddling him to sleep each night in my arms and then transitioning him to his crib where he will typically sleep any where from 1 to 3 hours at a time before waking up screaming like he’s losing his mind until I rush into his room and nurse him back to sleep. Needless to say, E.K. associates sleeping with being on the boob {insert deep sigh here}. Whelp enough is enough… or is it???

The husband and I decided we need to try to sleep train again (we failed miserably the first few times we’ve tried in the past months). This time, we are being consistent which is key in having success according to the experts. Here is where we started:

  • I researched like a mad woman. The Ferber method (aka the cry-it-out method) is listed pretty much everywhere and we decided to take some tips from it and tailor it to our child.
  • I created a schedule that we will try to stick to consistently over the next few weeks. The schedule includes E.K.’s bedtime routine (so that my husband has something to reference in the event I’m away). I taped it to E.K.’s bedroom door.
  • Our pediatrician confirmed at E.K.’s 6 month appointment that he was perfectly healthy and allowing him to cry for a bit to get sleep trained was strongly advised. She assured us that the temporary discomfort of hearing our baby scream and cry would be well worth it later as he needs the sleep just as much if not more than we do as his parents. I strongly advise that you see your child’s pediatrician to make sure your baby doesn’t have any underlying health issues before you try any cry-it-out type sleep training methods.
  • [5:30pm] I made sure to feed E.K. a full dinner. This is important — you don’t want to put your child to sleep on a half empty or empty tummy because they will be hungry and likely wake up pissed looking to be fed. I typically feed E.K. dinner at approx. 5:30pm and I let him play after dinner to give him time to process the food the eliminate the waste (read: poop) before I run his bubble bath.
  • [6:30pm] I then give E.K. a super warm lavender bubble bath. He loves to splash the water everywhere, so after I wash him and his hair I let him splash and play for 5 min before removing him from his bath. His bath usually lasts no more than 15 min total.
  • [6:45pm] After his bath, I massage him with coconut oil and lavender baby lotion. This is sometimes a task because he is in the “toss, roll, laugh and play” mode after his bath.
  • [7:00pm] I turn on his sound machine, humidifier and the ceiling projector in his room. I also make sure his room is the perfect temperature so that he doesn’t get too hot or cold.
  • E.K. and I then sit in the rocking chair where I give him 4 to 6 oz of warm milk with cereal in it. I found that he prefers the fast flow nipples, so we use level 4 Avent nipples for him now.
  • We have prayer. I pray over E.K. as he is drinking his bedtime bottle and his eyes typically start to get super heavy. This is tricky. You don’t want your baby to be asleep when you place him in his crib, but if he is too awake… it becomes a battle to get him to lay down. So when I notice his eyes rolling and the blinking getting longer, I ease him into his crib and lay him on his belly. I think pat his back and tell him that I love him before kissing him goodnight and leaving the room.

[7:30pm] Night one he went down with a little resistance and started to whine but went to sleep after I patted his back for about 5 minutes as he laid on his tummy.

[11:50pm] E.K. starts to toss and turn. He begins to cry…

[11:55pm] I walk into E.K.’s room and begin to say “shhhhhh” as I pat his back. He rolls over and sits up… then begins the pterodactyl scream that would have the deepest sleeping neighbors scare awake. At this point, E.K. has turned into a mini-monster standing up on his crib with his eyes still closed and screaming non-stop. What part of the game is this ish!?

[12:05am] I got to the fridge and take out a small tommee tippee sippy cup that had 2 oz of formula in it. I heated it and brought it back to E.K. (never picking him up) and handed it to him. He drank it and it was just enough to get him to stop screaming and soothe a bit. When he finished the 2 oz, I removed the cup from him and turned him onto his tummy where I patted his back saying “shhhhh”. [approx. 12:15am]  He went back to sleep.

[2:48am] E.K. wakes up with the pterodactyl scream again — stands up at the corner of his crib screaming at the door. This time it’s on level 5000. The husband attempts to go in and lay E.K. back down while patting his back but E.K. wants no part of it. After about 15 minutes of this screaming like someone just karate chopped him in his shin, I get up and go get another bottle (thinking maybe he’s hungry). I relieve the husband and take over the patting and never picking E.K. up. This kid absolutely lost his little mind. He kept standing up and hollering while reaching for me to pick him up. This sh*t is real on the heart strings! I stand firm on the no-picking-him-up method and handed him the bottle. He sipped maybe 1 oz (if that) while fussing and then threw the bottle and proceeded to scream more.

[3:20am] I leave the room. E.K. is steadily screaming. This time, he finds the security camera casually placed on the top of his crib frame and he knocks it down while screaming. I go back into the room and reposition the camera and attempt to pat him down again. No use…. he’s pissed. Like REALLY pissed. [3:40am] I leave the room, again.

The husband and I turned the volume of the monitor off while watching the baby monster’s every move. Eventually we doze off — yes, we were THAT DAMN exhausted.

[4:45am] I wake up frantic. I don’t hear anything. Oh sh*t, is E.K. okay?!?!? My husband leans over and says “he’s sleep. He successfully cried his little self to sleep”.

Well damn.

[5:45am] I get up and go wake E.K. up to nurse him and get him ready for daycare. It takes our overly exhausted baby a little bit to wake up, but he opened his eyes and smiled. Our kid has the best smile ever. He was actually happy to wake up to me hovering over him singing “good morning honey”.

Maybe we can do this after all. Maybe E.K. won’t hate us for helping him learn to self soothe and sleep. This was just night one. Let’s see how he does the rest of the week. God help us!

– Love, Peace, Coffee, and Wine after 12 noon!