Terrible 1’s?

I have heard the phrase “Terrible 2’s will have you going crazy”, but what about the terrible 1’s???? It’s almost as if my son has decided to challenge EVERYTHING we say, do, or have tried to teach him. He has recently began the tantrum thing…. smh… and when we are out in public and he decides to lose his baby brain, I try to ignore it to not bring any attention to his behavior. This is what his Pediatrician recommended since he’s testing us to see what he can get away with in general.

Clearly, the ignoring him when he’s screaming at the top of his lungs and arching his back doesn’t work. So now what? He’s still too young at 15 months old to understand what a light smack on the hand means and even though we sternly say “NO”, he laughs at us. This is pretty disrespectful at this point, lol. So forget what you heard about the terrible 2’s…. you newbies better prepare yourself for the terrible 1’s!

In other news…

We are still (yes STILL) trying to sleep train. It has been difficult because every time we get into the groove of it, E.K. gets sick and we do not sleep train when he’s under the weather. Now that he is healthy again, we are back in the routine of trying to sleep train again. It hasn’t been going well — to say the least. I HATE hearing my little guy scream for an extended period of time and part of the issue we are having is that we allowed E.K. to use milk as a soother. Therefore he wakes up 2-3 times throughout the night looking for milk and cuddles. Le’sigh. His pediatrician told us to eliminate giving him milk before bed and throughout the night. While that seems logical, our son turns into a gremlin when he’s pissed and wants what he wants. Needless to say, if the child wants milk at 2am, that’s what he’s getting from his half-sleep parents. I have however eliminated the bedtime milk sippy cup. So E.K. now goes to bed without drinking 8oz of whole milk (small successes will lead to larger ones I hope).

One day the husband and I will get to sleep for 7-8 straight hours again… it just won’t be right now.

Until next time…




Wine Down | Ramblings

The workday felt so long today. It seemed as though everyone needed something or wanted to complain about something. Most would think that the fact that I work from home full-time, I wouldn’t have to deal with some of the idiocies most people deal with in an office environment. That would be a false assumption. After professionally telling the VP where he could go and how to get there via email, I signed offline and headed to get E.K. from daycare.

I missed him. He’s growing so fast before my eyes and since I haven’t figured out a way to slow time down, I make every effort to enjoy every second of this little boy’s progress and development. E.K. is going through the terrible 1’s (if that’s even a thing). This kid goes from 1 to 1000 in seconds. I’m going to blame it on the fact that his molars are attempting to come in; but I’m convinced my child is borderline psychotic (in the cutest way possible).

E.K. is finally down to bed and I’m sipping on one of the best cabernet’s ever. I’m thinking E.K. and I will go visit family this weekend and just enjoy the weather that we are experiencing currently. With everything going on in the south with hurricane Irma, I’m extremely grateful for the nice weather we are having right now. I pray everyone in Irma’s path are safe.

Until next time…



WIMDB for Travel?

What’s in my diaper bag for travel via airplane?

The husband, E.K., and I took a trip to Chicago for a family function a week or so ago. It was the very first time we traveled with E.K. and his first time on a airplane. E.K. just turned 9 months old, so I was concerned how he’d behave on the 2 hour flight and if I’d have everything he may need during the flight. He did GREAT! I nursed during take off and tried to nurse during landing — he was too fascinated with everything going on around him. He didn’t seem to have any problems with the cabin pressure or his ears, thankfully.

So how did I pack the diaper bag in preparation of our travel?

I used my Jujube BRB backpack as my diaper bag of choice. It’s durable, lightweight and has numerous organizational pockets inside of it. I baby wore E.K. in my Tula and carried the Jujube BRB on my back to allow my hands to be free. Best decision ever!

A must have at all times for my diaper bags (not just for travel) is the Jujube Be Quick that I use as a diaper clutch… the contents that I add are:

  1. Four size 3 diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Butt paste
  4. Lavender scented trash bags (for soiled diapers)
  5. and a couple of disposable change pads


Another must have for me is the Travelon cubes. I have two sets (even though I only use one set for E.K.). You can find these at your local TJ Maxx for $9.99 or order them from Amazon for slightly more…

In the small cube, I have saline spray, tylenol w/ the dispenser, boogie wipes (travel size pack), and vaseline.

In the medium cube, I have 3 food pouches, a spoon, 2 disposable bibs, 1 large terry cloth bib (because it can double as a rag if needed, 4 disposable place mats, and a pack of mum-mums (not pictured).

I ended up not using the large cube, although I typically use the large one for spare clothing.

travelon cubes

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It’s important to always have a change of clothes for E.K. in case he has a accident or gets too dirty while eating/snacking. I used a thin travel pouch I ordered from Amazon to keep a change of clothes in for him…


Next up… the snacks… my baby is a snacker just like his mama. So I had to give him some options…


The skip hop snack tower is a God send. It fits perfectly in most diaper bags while not consuming a lot of space.

And last but not least, the formula, bottle, sip cup, and toys…

I also packed a Aden & Anais blanket in case it got too cold on the plane and to cover us up while nursing. E.K. loves to snatch it off while he’s nursing, so I just gave up and let whoever wanted to stare at me nursing him to stare {insert shrug here}.

There was space left in the bag, so I also added additional diapers in the mesh portion of the bag. I also added hand and face wipes.


Since our flight only lasted 2 hours, I only had to use the diaper clutch (jujube be quick),  the snacks and the blanket. I will definitely pack this way again for our next family trip.

How do you pack your diaper bag for travel? What items do you include?

…until next time.

Please Note: All of the products mentioned were purchased by me and this is NOT a sponsored post. I really love and use everything mentioned.

JuJuBe is addictive…

I ordered the Jujube BRB in the queen of the nile print when I was 6 months pregnant. It was my first jujube purchase and I had already purchased a skip hop bag but wanted a backpack style diaper bag that was a bit more versatile. After doing some major research, I opted to go with a jujube purchase. Ever since… I. Am. Addicted.

It’s actually kind of ridiculous. I am the proud owner of the following jujube products:

  • 1 Jujube BRB – queen of the nile print
  • 1 Jujube BFF – the countess print
  • 1 Jujube Fuel Cell – the monarch
  • 2 Jujube BeQuicks – 1 is in the black-out print and the other is in queen of the nile

and as of today, I have also added the jujube minibe in the black out print to my collection of insanity.

JuJuBe Diaper Bags.jpg

The minibe is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture. I placed it fresh out of the plastic wrapping next to my BFF to try to show the size difference, #fail. I will post a “what’s in my diaper bag” blog soon and will have better images posted in that post.

I plan to use minibe for my quick trips to the store when I don’t need the main bag but need to carry just enough to have on hand if needed. It will also be a great bag to use when I take my walks with E.K. in his stroller.

I’ve come to accept that I have a major addiction to quality bags and shoes. Judge yourself! Anyhow, this bag is great. I love that all jujube bags are machine washable and can be used after baby has long outgrown the need of a diaper bag.

…until next time.

Sleep Training, Night Three

Whelp, so much for thinking it would be as simple as allowing E.K. to scream his heart out for one night and he’d be magically sleep trained, lol.

[6:00pm] – E.K. was beyond exhausted. After dealing with is crankiness for a good 2+ hours, I gave in to bathing him and giving him his cereal laced bottle early. He didn’t even finish it… he was knocked out 5 minutes into the bottle.

[11:00pm] – He woke up crying. The husband went into E.K.’s room to pat him on his back until he dozed back off (roughly 10 min).

[2:16am] – E.K. is partially awake and screaming. He can’t seem to get and stay comfortable. I gave him 2 oz of milk via bottle in his crib to help calm him down. It worked all of maybe 5 minutes before he was back to screaming. I remained in his room patting him on his back in his crib for what felt like forever but was actually probably 15 to 20 minutes in length. I finally gave up because it seemed to only make him more irritated with me, so I left his room to let him cry for 10 min.

Whelp… that 10 min turned into a good 40 to 50 minutes before he finally whined himself out. I must have fallen asleep (again) during his scream session because the next thing I knew it was 4am.

[4:00am] – I woke up and for a brief moment freaked out because I couldn’t see E.K. on the monitor. It was complete silence in his room with the exception of the white noise  machine. I walked into his room and saw my sweet baby E.K. laying on his tummy under the monitor with his eyes open just laying there.

Considering he’d been sleep on and off since 6pm, I picked him up… changed his diaper… and brought him into our room where he played and climbed over us until it was time to get him up and ready for daycare.

It’s official… sleep training sucks rocks at the moment.

Sleep Training, Night Two

Good Morning! And it really is a good morning for the most part (I’m not going to include the fact that my job totally phucked up my W4 allowances and now I’m waiting on a explanation).

We had some success last night.

[4:30pm] I fed E.K. dinner and gave him some snacks afterwards. Note: I gave him some Motrin because he was super fussy and chewing on his fingers thanks to teething. He has had baby Motrin before and in the past it hasn’t made him overly sleepy or tired typically.

[5:45pm] Lavender bubble bath and I got him some new bath toys to play with in the tub that he enjoyed.

[6:00pm] Lotion and coconut oil massage, dressed for bed, and storytime.

[6:30pm] Heated a 6oz bottle with multigrain baby cereal included. His dad fed him while I ran to the store. He laid him in his crib just as his eyes were beginning to close.

[7:10pm] I received a text message from the spouse saying that E.K. has been out (read: sleep) since 7pm.

I got home from the store and was able to put things away, wash dishes, make and eat dinner in peace! I waited and waited for E.K. to start stirring around the 11pm mark and it didn’t happen. He was KNOCKED OUT. I walked into his room before I went to bed to check the temperature and to make sure he appeared comfortable.

Sleep… sleep… sleep…

[3:04am] E.K. starts a sleepy subtle whine and cry. I get up and glance at the clock. Oh my gosh! My little monster has been sleep since 7pm and this is his first wake up??? I grabbed a bottle and went to his room where I handed the bottle to a very sleepy E.K. while he was in his crib. His eyes were still closed as he drank a couple ounces from the bottle. He rolled over and went back to sleep. Well alrighty then my precious little monster!

I took the remainder of the bottle to the fridge and went back to bed.

[5:15am] Good Morning! E.K. awakes and it’s time to get him up and ready for daycare.

I’d say this was a WIN!!! Let’s see if he will do this again tonight.

Mommy’s Wine of the Weekend


Happy Saturday!

I really love weekends. It’s the two days out of a long week that I can allow myself to indulge in some light sipping and relaxation between nursing a soon to be 6 month old and keeping some level of order in our home.

My favorite red wine as of recently is now Apothic Crush. I stumbled upon this yumminess at my local wine store and decided to give it a try since it was on sale for a nice $9.99 (normally retails in my area for $12.99). It has flavor notes of red fruits, caramel, and chocolate.

I made the husband and I some chicken salads this evening with naan bread for dinner. This wine was the perfect compliment to my meal. The husband prefers liquor, so I concocted a Effen Raspberry vodka beverage for him.

In other news…

We got E.K. down for bed at approximately 8:30pm. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he stays sleep for 6-8 hours straight tonight. I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages after 3pm everyday and that seems to help with him staying asleep for 4+ hours at a time through the night now. We still plan to “sleep train” him; however, with his teething seeming to be getting worse lately, I’ve been reluctant to stick with it.

E.K. wakes up on average 2-4 times throughout the night hours to nurse/soothe back to sleep. I am definitely looking forward to weaning him soon (he has two bottom teeth now). Luckily, his dad participates in the night shift to help me with the struggle of waking up and going into the nursery to get E.K. back to sleep.

It’s hard to believe my baby will be 6 months old tomorrow. Where does the time go? I felt myself getting slightly emotional about how fast he seems to be growing up and progressing. This little human being that I love more than life itself will be a 1/2 year old. Just wow! God is so good.

Until next time…


Night weaning and the Husband

E.K. (our son) will be 5 months old on December 29th. As a nursing mom, I have fallen sucker to being his pacifier — since we can’t get him to take a real one. E.K. wakes up on average every 3 to 4 hours throughout the night (on a good night) and requires me to nurse him back to sleep. We haven’t performed the cry it out method on him to sleep train (yet). He sleeps in his crib in his own room; and goes down to bed with little to no fight at all. However… staying asleep tends to be his issue.

I’ve tried a lot:

  • Adding cereal to his breast milk in a bottle
  • Setting up a routine (i.e. – lavender baths and massage)
  • Humidifier (both warm and cool mist)
  • Having the husband go in to try to rock him back to sleep (Ha! E.K.’s scream is REAL angry when dad comes in)
  • Having the husband go in with a bottle (again, HA! E.K. shows his best temper when this happens)

So far, the only thing that soothes him back to sleep is my boobie juice (directly from the boob). If I pump and try to give it to him from a bottle, he just gets more irate. It’s as if he is cursing us out in baby language.

Big E (the husband) will now be the one on “night duty”. He will be going into the nursery and trying to rock/comfort E.K. back to sleep (hopefully). Our hopes are that after a few days it will become habitual that E.K. not require being comfort-nursed back to sleep and in return everyone involved can get more sleep.

The husband tends to punk out and brings E.K. into our room to have me nurse E.K. if he can’t seem to settle him down after 5 minutes. This has to stop in order for this to work. We shall see how this goes…

To be continued.