Happy New Year | 2018

Where does the time go? It’s already 2018! I don’t believe in making “resolutions”, but I do attempt to set some goals at the beginning of each year to achieve:

  1. Tithe regularly. I struggle with this… a lot. So this year I plan to do much better tithing the full 10%.
  2. Pay down debt by at least 40%. We are on the Dave Ramsey kick, so we are slowly knocking each debt out.
  3. Travel at least twice this year on affordable and quick getaways.
  4. Start my own business in addition to my full time job.
  5. Live | Laugh | and do whatever makes me happy!


We spent NYE at home. In the past (pre-child), we would be at church bringing in the new year and then head over to a house party with friends; however, taking E.K. out in single digit weather late in the evening into the next day isn’t my idea of “fun”.

In fact, I was sleep by 11:15pm to be honest. I did manage to get my sip on earlier in the evening after laying E.K. down for bed. The husband sat in the kitchen watching tv and I laid in our bed sipping champagne and watching CNN until I could barely stand to keep my eyes open. At midnight, I vaguely remember the husband coming into the room to give me a forehead kiss and wish my Happy New Year (how sweet) and then back to dreamland I went.

No new year new me crap. Just the same KC making a conscious effort to be a better woman, wife, mother, and friend.

Happy New Year!

How did you bring in the New Year?


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