And so it begins…

… the need to start setting goals for the upcoming new year.

… the need to rework my budget for January.

… the need to figure out my next career move.

… the need to update this blog more frequently as my outlet.

… the need to stop allowing my anxiety to creep in every chance it gets.

… the need to live in the moment while embracing the new challenges causing me to grow as a woman, wife, and mother.

Christmas was different this year. It wasn’t different in a bad way, just different. This was E.K.’s second Christmas (it’s hard to believe he’s 16 almost 17 months old now) and he seemed to enjoy his actual gifts and not just the wrapping paper, lol. We spent Christmas Eve listening to Holiday music, dancing in our PJs, baking cookies (a lot later than anticipated), and drinking hot cocoa. Actually, E.K. went to bed earlier than expected, so he missed the baking of the cookies and hot cocoa part. The husband and I decided to open our gifts on Christmas Eve and saved E.K.’s gifts for Christmas morning.

On Christmas morning, we went downstairs to help E.K. open his gifts at approximately 7:30am. Afterwards, I made us all breakfast: Grits, Pancakes and Hot Sausage. We hung out as a family watching E.K. play with many of his new toys. The poor kid was in sensory overload the entire day. When he seemed to be over the toy play, we retired to our master bedroom upstairs where the husband and I watched movies as E.K. watched Sesame Street on his iPad. We ended up at my in-laws home for Christmas dinner and gift opening part II later in the day.

Overall, I think I was just homesick and missing some of my side of the family. It’s my goal to always make sure I create new traditions with my own family while creating awesome memories for E.K.

The Day After Christmas.

E.K. and I went to the mall at 9am. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?! Granted, when we first arrived it wasn’t too bad. I was able to get what I needed exchanged and grab some starbucks before trying to b-line it out of there. As we were making our way out of the mall, the crowds had intensely magnified in size. I don’t know how people do the day after Christmas shopping thing. You have to have a special kind of patience for it that I clearly do not possess, lol. To each his or her own.

Here are some random images captured during our Holiday weekend (12/22-12/26):

Yummy chicken and waffles breakfast @ Miss Shirley’s
Where Santa resided during mall hours
Busy Starbuck’s on the day after Christmas

Happy Holidays Folks!


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