Sleep Training, Night Four

What is sleep? Who needs sleep? Clearly, I don’t need sleep.  – Exhausted Mom

E.K. said “phuck your sleep training!” in baby talk. I’m convinced that’s what he is screaming at us when we let him sit in his crib screaming. How is it that someone so cute and lovable can turn into a raging monster in 2.1 seconds or less?

[7:00pm] E.K. has his bedtime bottle and I transitioned him to his crib as his eyes got super heavy.

[11:30pm] E.K. also known as baby/little monster awakes in a rage. I gave him a couple of ounces of milk while he laid in his crib. He finished the bottle and went back to screaming…. the “go in and pat him on his back” every 10-15 min wasn’t working. Eventually he went back to sleep [1:10am] after what felt like going in his room 20 times.

[2:20am] Again, he awakens and is summoning us with his loud pterodactyl screams. Everything is a blur but I know we took turns going in and patting him on his back until he dozed back off.

[4:50am] He’s up. Phuck sleep. It’s party time. It’s climb all over your parents and spit on them time. It’s who cares you’re exhausted time.

…. and yes, baby monster stayed up in play mode. He didn’t close his eyes until he was ready to take his morning nap at approx. 8:30am. ANNNNNND….. I forgot to mention that E.K. has a minor case of croup (we got that awesome news this morning at his pediatrician office).

– Phuck sleep. Who needs it!



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