Sleep Training, Night Three

Whelp, so much for thinking it would be as simple as allowing E.K. to scream his heart out for one night and he’d be magically sleep trained, lol.

[6:00pm] – E.K. was beyond exhausted. After dealing with is crankiness for a good 2+ hours, I gave in to bathing him and giving him his cereal laced bottle early. He didn’t even finish it… he was knocked out 5 minutes into the bottle.

[11:00pm] – He woke up crying. The husband went into E.K.’s room to pat him on his back until he dozed back off (roughly 10 min).

[2:16am] – E.K. is partially awake and screaming. He can’t seem to get and stay comfortable. I gave him 2 oz of milk via bottle in his crib to help calm him down. It worked all of maybe 5 minutes before he was back to screaming. I remained in his room patting him on his back in his crib for what felt like forever but was actually probably 15 to 20 minutes in length. I finally gave up because it seemed to only make him more irritated with me, so I left his room to let him cry for 10 min.

Whelp… that 10 min turned into a good 40 to 50 minutes before he finally whined himself out. I must have fallen asleep (again) during his scream session because the next thing I knew it was 4am.

[4:00am] – I woke up and for a brief moment freaked out because I couldn’t see E.K. on the monitor. It was complete silence in his room with the exception of the white noise  machine. I walked into his room and saw my sweet baby E.K. laying on his tummy under the monitor with his eyes open just laying there.

Considering he’d been sleep on and off since 6pm, I picked him up… changed his diaper… and brought him into our room where he played and climbed over us until it was time to get him up and ready for daycare.

It’s official… sleep training sucks rocks at the moment.


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