JuJuBe is addictive…

I ordered the Jujube BRB in the queen of the nile print when I was 6 months pregnant. It was my first jujube purchase and I had already purchased a skip hop bag but wanted a backpack style diaper bag that was a bit more versatile. After doing some major research, I opted to go with a jujube purchase. Ever since… I. Am. Addicted.

It’s actually kind of ridiculous. I am the proud owner of the following jujube products:

  • 1 Jujube BRB – queen of the nile print
  • 1 Jujube BFF – the countess print
  • 1 Jujube Fuel Cell – the monarch
  • 2 Jujube BeQuicks – 1 is in the black-out print and the other is in queen of the nile

and as of today, I have also added the jujube minibe in the black out print to my collection of insanity.

JuJuBe Diaper Bags.jpg

The minibe is a lot smaller than it looks in the picture. I placed it fresh out of the plastic wrapping next to my BFF to try to show the size difference, #fail. I will post a “what’s in my diaper bag” blog soon and will have better images posted in that post.

I plan to use minibe for my quick trips to the store when I don’t need the main bag but need to carry just enough to have on hand if needed. It will also be a great bag to use when I take my walks with E.K. in his stroller.

I’ve come to accept that I have a major addiction to quality bags and shoes. Judge yourself! Anyhow, this bag is great. I love that all jujube bags are machine washable and can be used after baby has long outgrown the need of a diaper bag.

…until next time.


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