Sleep Training, Night Two

Good Morning! And it really is a good morning for the most part (I’m not going to include the fact that my job totally phucked up my W4 allowances and now I’m waiting on a explanation).

We had some success last night.

[4:30pm] I fed E.K. dinner and gave him some snacks afterwards. Note: I gave him some Motrin because he was super fussy and chewing on his fingers thanks to teething. He has had baby Motrin before and in the past it hasn’t made him overly sleepy or tired typically.

[5:45pm] Lavender bubble bath and I got him some new bath toys to play with in the tub that he enjoyed.

[6:00pm] Lotion and coconut oil massage, dressed for bed, and storytime.

[6:30pm] Heated a 6oz bottle with multigrain baby cereal included. His dad fed him while I ran to the store. He laid him in his crib just as his eyes were beginning to close.

[7:10pm] I received a text message from the spouse saying that E.K. has been out (read: sleep) since 7pm.

I got home from the store and was able to put things away, wash dishes, make and eat dinner in peace! I waited and waited for E.K. to start stirring around the 11pm mark and it didn’t happen. He was KNOCKED OUT. I walked into his room before I went to bed to check the temperature and to make sure he appeared comfortable.

Sleep… sleep… sleep…

[3:04am] E.K. starts a sleepy subtle whine and cry. I get up and glance at the clock. Oh my gosh! My little monster has been sleep since 7pm and this is his first wake up??? I grabbed a bottle and went to his room where I handed the bottle to a very sleepy E.K. while he was in his crib. His eyes were still closed as he drank a couple ounces from the bottle. He rolled over and went back to sleep. Well alrighty then my precious little monster!

I took the remainder of the bottle to the fridge and went back to bed.

[5:15am] Good Morning! E.K. awakes and it’s time to get him up and ready for daycare.

I’d say this was a WIN!!! Let’s see if he will do this again tonight.


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