Mommy’s Wine of the Weekend


Happy Saturday!

I really love weekends. It’s the two days out of a long week that I can allow myself to indulge in some light sipping and relaxation between nursing a soon to be 6 month old and keeping some level of order in our home.

My favorite red wine as of recently is now Apothic Crush. I stumbled upon this yumminess at my local wine store and decided to give it a try since it was on sale for a nice $9.99 (normally retails in my area for $12.99). It has flavor notes of red fruits, caramel, and chocolate.

I made the husband and I some chicken salads this evening with naan bread for dinner. This wine was the perfect compliment to my meal. The husband prefers liquor, so I concocted a Effen Raspberry vodka beverage for him.

In other news…

We got E.K. down for bed at approximately 8:30pm. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he stays sleep for 6-8 hours straight tonight. I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages after 3pm everyday and that seems to help with him staying asleep for 4+ hours at a time through the night now. We still plan to “sleep train” him; however, with his teething seeming to be getting worse lately, I’ve been reluctant to stick with it.

E.K. wakes up on average 2-4 times throughout the night hours to nurse/soothe back to sleep. I am definitely looking forward to weaning him soon (he has two bottom teeth now). Luckily, his dad participates in the night shift to help me with the struggle of waking up and going into the nursery to get E.K. back to sleep.

It’s hard to believe my baby will be 6 months old tomorrow. Where does the time go? I felt myself getting slightly emotional about how fast he seems to be growing up and progressing. This little human being that I love more than life itself will be a 1/2 year old. Just wow! God is so good.

Until next time…



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