Night weaning and the Husband

E.K. (our son) will be 5 months old on December 29th. As a nursing mom, I have fallen sucker to being his pacifier — since we can’t get him to take a real one. E.K. wakes up on average every 3 to 4 hours throughout the night (on a good night) and requires me to nurse him back to sleep. We haven’t performed the cry it out method on him to sleep train (yet). He sleeps in his crib in his own room; and goes down to bed with little to no fight at all. However… staying asleep tends to be his issue.

I’ve tried a lot:

  • Adding cereal to his breast milk in a bottle
  • Setting up a routine (i.e. – lavender baths and massage)
  • Humidifier (both warm and cool mist)
  • Having the husband go in to try to rock him back to sleep (Ha! E.K.’s scream is REAL angry when dad comes in)
  • Having the husband go in with a bottle (again, HA! E.K. shows his best temper when this happens)

So far, the only thing that soothes him back to sleep is my boobie juice (directly from the boob). If I pump and try to give it to him from a bottle, he just gets more irate. It’s as if he is cursing us out in baby language.

Big E (the husband) will now be the one on “night duty”. He will be going into the nursery and trying to rock/comfort E.K. back to sleep (hopefully). Our hopes are that after a few days it will become habitual that E.K. not require being comfort-nursed back to sleep and in return everyone involved can get more sleep.

The husband tends to punk out and brings E.K. into our room to have me nurse E.K. if he can’t seem to settle him down after 5 minutes. This has to stop in order for this to work. We shall see how this goes…

To be continued.



One thought on “Night weaning and the Husband

  1. Oh my gosh I tried having my husband go in and rock our daughter when she was getting up too much and it’s HILARIOUS how mad she gets! That’s funny your son gets pissed too.


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